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Children with Cancer UK

Kwik Fit is helping more children with cancer ring the end of treatment bell.

Kwik Fit technicians and colleagues across our centres and offices voted for Children with Cancer UK to be our chosen charity partner for the year. A cause close to our hearts, our teams felt strongly about the injustice of cancer in children and share Children with Cancer UK's vision of a world where no child dies of cancer. Help us to enable more children with cancer ring the end of treatment bell by making a donation or registering to raise funds towards our fundraising goal.


About Children with Cancer UK

4,500 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK, that's an average of 12 families every day who receive the distressing news that their child has cancer. Children with Cancer UK aims to improve survival rates and the quality of survival in young cancer patients. It actively raises and invest money in specialist research to help understand why children develop cancer, establish where prevention is possible and develop kinder, less toxic treatments for children to one day save the life of every child diagnosed, keeping more families together.

Where Your Donation Goes

We share Children with Cancer UK’s vision of a world where every child survives cancer. Brain and spinal tumours account for the highest number of cancer deaths in children in the UK That’s why the money we have raised will pay for an Intraoperative MRI Scanner which enables surgeons to clearly see how much of the tumour they have removed and whether any has been left behind. It will dramatically improve the outcomes of these operations and ultimately reduce the number of surgeries a child has to have. Our combined aim will ensure we improve survival rates across all types of childhood cancer.

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